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Holistic Aproach

Care based on the philosophy that

biological changes accross the lifespan

are normal and healthy. Promotion

of education and awareness of these

changes on an individual basis.

Pregnancy and birth are a natural

process that do not require

intervention and should be trusted.

Trauma Informed

Care provided with the

understading that every person has

experienced physical, mental, and

emotional trauma in their lifetime.

Approaching whole body care at your

own pace and in a self-guided, step-

by-step way.

Family Centered

Female reproductive health care,

with inclusion of the entire

family unit; including informed

decision-making, partner education

and involvement, as well as the

education and involvement of your ​children and other family members.

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Meet Your Midwife

I am so excited you are here! My name is Jenna, and I was born and raised right here in ​Texas! I have served the San Antonio community since 2010. I am a proud member of ​the LGBTQ+ community, and always welcome diverse families with open arms.

As a Registered Nurse I cared for medical, surgical, and cardiac patients, as well as, ​laboring and postpartum families. In 2015 I graduated with my Master of Science in ​Nursing degree from the University of Cincinnati and became board certified as a ​Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM). I have been working in hospital-based practice for the ​last seven years. I have cared for hundreds of families and have caught hundreds of ​babies during my time as a CNM. Hospital-based practice has taught me so much about ​the midwife I want to be and the care I wish to provide to the families in this ​community.

I’d like to think of myself as someone with the perfect balance of respect to the ​progression of modern medicine, and someone who really embraces and holds space for ​the natural and holistic philosophy of midwifery. Being a midwife is truly my greatest ​passion, and nothing gives me more joy and fulfillment. Connecting with families is ​probably my favorite part– as connection is one of the virtues that I believe is priority in ​providing wholesome care.

My sons Jett and Jude were both conceived via reciprocal IVF. Being a parent is one of ​the hardest yet most humbling experiences and has helped me so much in providing care ​in a more relatable and empathetic way. I gave birth to Jett in an un-medicated, hospital ​birth. And while the process was smooth and-dare I say-easy, the trauma that I ​experienced postpartum really changed my views regarding the medicalization of ​hospital-based labor and birth and the postpartum experience. With my second son, ​Jude, I wanted to have more choices and more control over my experience, therefore ​planned a homebirth. It is one of my most prized and empowered experiences, and I ​would do it a thousand times over just to experience its magic again. There is nothing like ​informed decision making, bodily autonomy, and uninterrupted bonding, like the ​experience of home-based care and birth. I want each one of you to have this ​experience, and I can't wait to share it with you!

During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our three boys. San Antonio ​culture is my favorite, so trying new restaurants and hot spots is usually where you can ​find me. I also love being out in nature, traveling, listenting to live music and dancing. I ​love learning new things and understanding how things work. I'd love for you to teach ​me something new!

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Birth is one of the most sacred experiences you will ever go through. Feeling safe and ​supported are key in your ability to give birth. It is my strong belief that being the ​decision-maker in your experience paves the way for natural physiologic birth.

The art of midwifery is not telling people what to do and how to do it, but rather ​standing along side the pregnant person and their family, offering guidance every step ​of the way. This is your journey and your experience, and I am here for all the support ​you need. Midwives can provide you with evidence-based research, information, and ​care that can help to support you and your growing baby. With this information, you ​and your family are able to make informed decisions when it comes to what feels ​safest for your pregnancy and birthing space.

Choosing home birth comes with a variety of special and personalized experiences ​starting with prenatal care. When you choose me as your midwife, your pregnancy ​journey will start with an in-home consultation, usually around 2 hours, to provide you ​with all the information you need and are curious about. This is a great time to include ​your partner and family members that may need more information to feel safe in the ​decision making process.

You will begin receiving in-home prenatal visits around 12 weeks gestation. These ​visits are a lot of fun as you will be able to hear your baby's heartbeat, check your vital ​signs, talk about pregnancy and discuss any questions or concerns.

Your Birth Matters

Baby Day~Water Birth; Mother and Newborn

Your visits will be monthly until 28 weeks gestation which is the start of the third ​trimester, followed by bi-weekly visits until 36 weeks gestation, and then weekly visits ​until the baby is born. The 36 week visit will include birth preparation where we will go ​over your plan for birth, finalize the space in which you wish to give birth, and make sure ​you have the necessary materials and equipment available.

You can expect each prenatal visit to be at least one hour long. I always encourage family ​participation at prenatal visits. At these visits we will also discuss blood work, ultrasounds, ​and any additional testing that might be considered, as well as options.

When it is time for you to give birth, I will come to your home when you are ready. This is ​your journey and experience, and I am here to walk you through the process, and provide ​reassurance and guidance as needed. My assistant and I will be with you through labor ​and birth and immediately postpartum. We will make sure you and your baby are stable ​and transitioning well, including breastfeeding support. You and your new baby get to ​snuggle up in bed, eat a nice yummy meal, and we will do all the clean up for you! This is ​your time to enjoy uninterrupted bonding with your new family member.

Postpartum visits are my absolute favorite! I feel strongly that the postpartum period is ​the most important, and requires the deepest care and compassion. I will be at your home ​1-2 days after birth and then again at 2 weeks and again between 4-6 weeks. These visits ​will ensure you are doing well, figuring out breastfeeding challenges, and making sure your ​baby is growing and thriving. We can also discuss contraception options, and plan for birth ​control when you are ready.

Caring For Your Whole Body

Wellness encompasses the mind, body and soul. A lot of what we see in health care today revolves mainly around ​pharmaceuticals, and leaves minimal care for the whole body. It is a passion of mine to get to know people, their bodies, ​and understand what their personal baseline is in order to achieve homeostasis (balance). Trauma informed is the basis for ​which I provide care to clients. This includes consent, informed decision making, and family-centered care. Being trauma ​informed means understanding that all people have experienced a degree of trauma in their lifetime. It is of utmost ​importance that a person's body is respected, as our nervous system retains trauma and can respond negatively when ​activated. This means that I will always ask for consent, always explain what I am doing and why I'm doing it, and stop at ​any moment that you feel uncomfortable. Whole body care, including pelvic exams should NEVER be painful.

When you receive whole body care with me, we will start with a consultation about your health and sexual history, review ​your current concerns, questions, complaints, and then begin a physical exam at your own pace. The physical exam can be ​a time for you to explore your body and learn about the different parts of your anatomy. This is also a great time to include ​your partner or children if you are comfortable. I usually encourage a mirror so that you can see the different parts of your ​anatomy and we can discuss what is normal or abnormal. Self guided speculum exams and pap smears are my favorite! I ​don't have to physically touch your body at all. I can guide you through the head to toe examination and wait for you to ​report off your findings if that makes you feel the most comfortable. If at any point you are concerned, we can dive a little ​deeper and explore diagnoses and management options for your personal needs. Ultimately, you know more about your ​body than I do. I am just here as a guide.

Your comfort is my priority. Physical exams can take place on your bed, sofa, the floor, or any preferred space in your home. ​I will bring all the materials you need. If a pelvic examination is necessary or planned, I will prompt you to have a sheet or

blanket that provides you with privacy. I recommend wearing clothing that will help you feel secure and warm, but that has ​access to your body if a physical examination is necessary.

Lastly, but most importantly, I will conduct a thorough mental health assessment. Mental health is another passion of mine ​as it is often overlooked by health care providers in clinical practice. Part of whole body care is your mental health. We will ​talk about your past mental health history, your current mental health status and come up with a plan that feels right for ​you.

Fertility Care in Your Home

As someone who has gone through fertility treatments and care, I can understand the burden of medical care costs and ​overwhelming doctor's visits that sometimes leaves you feeling empty and alone. When I was going through IVF with my ​first son, I wanted to take a urine pregnancy test before my serum blood test to confirm pregnancy just so that there was ​some sense of normalcy in the process. Even though my provider told me not to do it, I did anyway. I was scolded by the ​nurse at my next visit for taking a home pregnancy test. I remember feeling like it wasn't fair that I didn't get to find out ​that I was pregnant in the way other people got to find out. Since then, I've had a vision for creating a different experience ​for families trying to conceive via alternate routes.

My vision for home fertility care is to bring holistic, trauma informed, intimate baby-making into your home. You and your ​partner deserve to experience fertility in a way that feels conducive to your specific needs. Your fertility care will include a ​thorough health and sexual history, pregnancy history, and plan of care. If you choose to undergo IUI or ICI we will learn ​about your menstrual cycles, track ovulation, and prepare for insemination in your home. This can be self-guided, partner-​guided, or midwife-guided. When we are finished, you and your partner are free to have intimate time together, enjoying the ​process of conception together, as it should be! As a person of the Queer Community, I am happy to offer services to all ​people with a uterus who are hoping to concieve!

Home Birth _________________________________________________________ $6500

-at least 7 personalized in-home prenatal visits

-birth pool

-postpartum visits at 1-2 days, 2 weeks, and 6 weeks

-Newborn care for up to 30 days

-24/7 availability for urgent needs

*Additional fees include: birth kit, birth pool liner and hosing, rhogam injection (if applicable), Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT)

*Many lab tests and medications can be billed through insurance

Fertility Care________________________________________________________ $1000

-whole-body care including pap smear and std testing

-mental health assessment

-hormonal lab work

-ultrasound referral

-menstrual cycle tracking

-sexual heath education

-fertility medication

-first two serum pregnancy tests

IUI/ICI______________________________________________________________ $500

-intrauterine or intracervical insemination - SPERM MUST BE WASHED FOR IUI

-first two serum pregnancy tests

Services & Fees

Wellness and Whole-Body Care_____________________________________ $300

-trauma-informed, full body assessment

-pap smear testing

-STD testing

-wellness lab work

-sexual health education and recommendations

-mental health assessment

-contraception counseling and advice

-referrals to other necessary health care providers

-hormonal testing and counseling (+$200)

-PCOS and/or Pelvic pain diagnosis and management (+$200)

-menopause/post-menopause care and management (+$200)

Intro to Menstrual Cycle/First Menstrual Cycle Education & Care __ $500

-this visit is for the person who has started or is about to start their first period

-up to 3 hours of education and counseling regarding menstrual and hormonal cycles

-physical changes

-mental health assessment

-sexual health education

-period products education, fitting, and usage

-menstrual cycle tracking

-pain management

-contraception counseing and advice

Public or Group Speaking_____________________________________________ Call to inquire

Contraception Care and Management________________________________ $300

-up to 2 hours of education and counseling regarding contraception options

- mental health assessment

-discuss current menstrua cycles, lifestyle, and sexual health

-create detailed care plan based on your needs and sexual preferences

-includes 2 month telehealth follow up

Contraceptive Device Procedure_____________________________________ $200

-requires contraception care and management visit if not already established client

-insertion or removal of IUD or Nexplanon

-includes 4 week telehealth follow up

STD testing, diagnosis, and treatment________________________________ $200

-trauma-informed pelvic examination and collection of STD specific swabs (ask about options)

-assessment of bacterial and yeast infections

-blood work for blood related STDs

-treatment and management plan

-includes test of cure within 4 weeks of treatment

2 Hour Consultation__________________________________________________ $200

-if you are interested in midwifery care and want more information or education, or want to meet

in person, this is a great place to start!

-this consultation can be detailed to your specific needs regarding any topic related to labor/birth, IUI,

sexual health, partner/family education, etc.

*For home birth and Fertility clients, if you purchase a consultation and then sign a contract, the cost will go toward your fees

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